Printable Ring Sizer – Just Print & Find Precise Ring Size at Home

Looking for a ring sizer pdf that you can print and measure your ring size? Although, you can find quite a huge number of options for printable ring sizers available in the market. However, it is always important to pay attention to its accuracy and country and then choose a proper ring sizer template.

That’s why, I have personally researched and collected 3 highly accurate printable ring sizer templates. With these, you can easily find the size of the ring that will fit perfectly on your finger or your loved one’s.

Using these ring sizer printable PDFs, you can secretly measure the perfect size of the ring (even without letting your loved one know). These templates will make it very easy to find the correct ring size.

Understanding the 2 Basic Ways of Using Printable Ring Sizer

We clearly comprehend the need for maintaining secrecy while determining the ring size. However, when it is about buying a beautiful finger ring online, nothing can be better than choosing the right printable ring sizer. However, before you take a look into the different templates, let us take a brief look into the two major ways of measuring finger ring size.

By using a paper strip ring sizer

using paper strip ring sizer

It is a very popular way of measuring the size of a ring. You will simply have to cut the paper strip ring sizer PDF and wrap it around the finger. Make sure that you slide the strip to the end to make sure that it is gently moving in and fits the finger comfortably. Keep a little space to ensure the ring easily slips on and off. The number or letter you find at the end of the ring sizer strip is the size of the ring.

By using a ring comparison

This is chosen as one of the best methods if you want to keep it a secret. It is very easy as all you need is to secretly take her previous ring. Download the free printable ring sizer and place the ring in the correct size. Make sure that the edge of the ring is totally covered within the circle. Keep checking until you get the perfect one.

Top 3 Free Printable Ring Sizers

1. Printable Ring Sizer by Riddle’s Jewelry

If you are looking for a reliable ring sizer template, Riddle’s Jewelry ring sizing guide can be extremely valuable. Not only do they have the template, but also they have properly elaborated the way you can use different techniques for measuring the correct size of a finger ring. Since it is for your loved one, you have to make sure to keep it a surprise and not let her know.

They have a ring sizer strip printable, along with a template that you can use for existing rings. Both processes are most commonly used for checking an appropriate ring size.

2. Paper Strip Ring Sizer by Dazzling Rock

There are certain things to keep in mind while measuring the size of a ring. Having a paper strip ring sizer PDF will become handy in times when you decide to choose a ring for her in a special ocassion. Similarly, the template by Dazzling Rock can be a reliable choice. They have knowledge of rings. Hence, their advice can be much more reliable for everyone.

With their printable ring sizer, you will find two different methods where you can use a strip or a ring. Depending on the availability, you can choose one, but make sure to take an appropriate measurement. Do not choose to be tight on the base while using the ring sizer strip.

3. Ring Sizer Template by Zales

Zales is a very popular name in the world of jewellery. With some of the world-class jewellery and jewels available, they also guide people in properly measuring and determining the right size. The ring sizer printable is available in three different processes.

They have the string test, where you can simply use a string, ribbon or thread to measure, and a paper test, which is more like a strip that will let you understand the correct measurement of the finger.

Lastly, they have named it the secret test, where you can use one of the rings that she already wears to measure. However, you have to make sure that you print the ring sizer template to get an accurate measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your own ring sizer?

You can make use of a string or floss or thread on the base of the finger. Make sure that the string does not overlap, and choose a pen to mark. Stretch the string and use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters. However, we would always advise you to choose a ring sizer template as it makes the process very easy.

Is it possible to download the printable ring sizer?

Of course, yes. If you want to download a printable ring sizer, just open any of the PDF files provided on this page and click the download icon. The printable ring sizer will get downloaded automatically.


You must always keep in mind the resizing costs before you choose to buy a ring. Besides, as you also have to make sure that you don’t go wrong in a special event, it is always better to use the best printable ring sizer that will guide you in measuring the right ring. With the different types of measurement techniques available, it will be easier to make a choice according to your feasibility.

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