How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring?

Resizing a ring can be a hassling journey. Whether it is the engagement ring or a general ring that have been gifted by your better half, resizing is a matter of time and money. Most importantly, the cost to resize the ring will greatly vary on a lot of factors. However, if you have decided to resize the finger ring and get it into a right size, this post is going to be quite helpful.

The cost of resizing a ring generally depends on the kind of metal used, the way of stone placement, and the jeweller you choose. So, to learn more about the resizing cost, you need to have a brief understanding of the factors.

What is the cost of resizing a ring?

The resizing cost of a ring generally depends on how much work needs to be done. On average, you can expect that it will cost between $50-$300.

In case the ring is unique and expensive, you have to make sure that you choose an expert who can do the job. Choosing someone just because they are offering their service at a cheap rate might be a regret later.

However, there are certain determining factors that generally are associated with the price of ring resizing. Most commonly, it is a type of metal that has been used for manufacturing.

  • White Gold: White gold is known to be a complex metal compared to yellow gold, as the plating with Rhodium provides the white colour and a stunning finish. However, it can be resized, but it will need to replate the ring with Rhodium, which might add to the cost.
  • Yellow gold: We are all aware that the yellow gold price keeps fluctuating forever. However, when it comes to resizing a ring, it is probably the easiest. Therefore, if you want to know how much does it cost to resize a gold ring and it is yellow gold, the cost is usually less expensive.
  • Rose gold: This metal is known to have a stunning appearance and is extremely popular among women. However, there are certain degrees of issues when it comes to resizing these gold finger rings. The reason is that these metals are volatile and are prone to getting cracked under pressure.
  • Sterling silver: Silver can be categorised similarly to yellow gold, and hence resizing, these finger rings can be simple. Since it is a common metal, the cost is always lesser.
  • Platinum: It can be a big challenge. Resizing a platinum ring can be expensive as it needs a lot of labour and extensive work. The reason is because of the higher melting point of this metal. Therefore, it requires specific equipment to resize these metals.

Factors that determine the resizing cost of a finger ring

The resizing cost of a ring generally depends on a lot of important factors. Hence, when you take your accessory to any jeweller, they will immediately like to check the ring before telling you the average cost. So the following are the major factors.

Finishing and thickness of the band:

Regardless of the metal or material used for manufacturing a ring, resizing it to match properly with smaller or larger fingers will take a lot of work. Its thickness is one of the primary factors that determines the cost. In order to resize a ring that has a thick band, a jeweller would require metal, which will increase the price. Apart from this, there are many rings that have been decorated throughout. These special elements would require specialised equipment and experienced specialists to do the job. Sometimes, resizing can result in discolouration, which requires re-plating, which increases the overall resizing cost.

Setting and design of stones:

When it comes to resizing a finger ring, the jeweller will always pay attention to the stone present on the ring. It is a major considerable factor. If a ring has more stones, it will be expensive to resize them. Due to the curvatures present, which will be changed while resizing, the gemstones or diamonds placed need to be resized. The design of the ring will strongly influence the resizing method and its price.

Type of metal:

The type of metal used for the ring is an important aspect to consider as it determines how difficult or simple it will be to resize the ring. Even when the prices of gold fluctuate, the least expensive ones will be yellow gold rings. As these are easy to mould, they remain the least expensive or have the least resizing cost. Sterling silver is similar to yellow gold, where you will face the least difficulties. However, when it comes to rose gold, white gold, and platinum, resizing these metals would require the jewellers to use certain equipment, have the expertise and work appropriately due to the different melting points to get the best shape.

What is the difference between resizing upwards and resizing downwards?

Compared to resizing upwards, making a smaller ring or resizing downwards can be simple. Resizing downwards will only require the jeweller to measure the size of the finger, remove a small section from the ring band, and then reassemble the pieces. Just by working on the structure it will help the jewellers to get back the circular design. They will then polish and give it back.

However, when it comes to resizing upwards, it is a bit complicated. As the jeweller has to increase the size, it depends a lot on the metal and gems. Stretching the band can help the ring to get resized.

How to resize a finger ring?

It is always the best choice to return it to the jeweller from whom you have bought this accessory. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and families. However, when it is about a wedding or engagement ring, it is important that you look for reliable jewellers who have the potential to complete the job. You can have a look at the online feedback of the jewellers to take a look at their quality.

All though a jeweller would generally cut out a portion of the band and give it back the shape of the ring and create a perfect cycle by building it back. This is generally feasible if you are looking forward to reducing the diameter of the ring. Once done, they will polish and give the perfect finish to eat. However, if you want to know how to resize a ring larger, this step is a little bit different from making the ring small. The jeweller generally uses certain accessories to press and increase the diameter. However, the process can vary from one to another jeweller.


Now that you have gathered the details, you must be thinking about where to resize a ring. Well, the answer remains that you need to choose a reliable jeweller with the efficacy to work in different metals and has a great reputation. As it is about your wedding or engagement ring with precious gemstones, you must not take any chance.

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