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Ring Size Converter | Convert Inches/MM/CM to Ring Size Easily

While buying a ring online, converting ring size correctly is most important and making guesses is not an option Just a small error in ring size conversion can lead to purchasing a ring that’s either too loose or too tight. Our Ring Size converter will solve this problem for you!

It is built by keeping the official international ring size chart as a reference. This tool can convert different parameters: cm, mm and inches to ring size accurately. Also, you can convert ring sizes from one country to another country in a single click making it the best ring size converter available online!

What is a Ring Size Converter?

Ring size converter can be defined as a simple tool that is used to convert ring size from different parameters. This simple converter makes it easy to find accurate measurements and helps you to choose the rightly sized ring.

With this ring size converter online, you can simply measure the circumference of the finger in different measurements to obtain the ring size as per the location you live. It does not need you to have any professional knowledge of measuring the correct ring size, as simple household techniques would work.

Using a ring size converter makes it easier as you simply have to put the details into the relevant box, and it will convert and tell you the right measurement of your finger. Therefore, it does not require you to run to a jeweller or use a chart, but simply use this online tool to convert and get an accurate measurement.

Measuring Circumference for Ring Size Converter

Before you can make use of the ring size tool, it is important for you to take the right measurements. You have to make sure that you properly measure the finger circumference in order to use the tool.

You can measure the circumference in centimetres, millimetres and inches, depending on your choice. However, here, we will take a look into the basic and reliable way of measuring your finger ring circumference.

Step 1 : Use a string and wrap it around your finger

The very first step is to find the thickest portion of your finger where the ring usually stops. It is your knuckle that is probably the thickest part. In case you don’t have a string, you can also use dental floss, paper strip, or any other thing that can be wrapped around your finger. However, keep in mind that it should not be very tight.

Step 2: Use a pen or a pencil to mark

The next important step is to keep a pen handy to mark the point. You have to mark, especially at the point where you find a string has overlapped.

Step 3: Measure the string

Now that you have already marked the string point, it is important that you use a ruler to check the length. This length is the circumference of your finger.

That’s it. Just enter the circumference in the ring size converter above to find the ring size according to your country.

How to use the Ring Size Converter?

Using a finger ring converter to convert ring size is one of the most appropriate ways to get an accurate measurement. The best part is that this online ring size converter has been designed with three different parameters to help you get an appropriate ring size.

Here, we will take a look and discuss the approach. You need to choose for every measurement.

Convert Inches/ CM/ MM to Ring size

You always have to keep in mind the parameters you are using to measure the length of the strip or the ring circumference. If you choose inches, you have to choose the Circumference (inches) and the same goes for cm and mm. Here, we will choose inches as the standard parameter and check the steps you need to perform on the ring size converter.

  1. Visit https://ringsizeronline.com/tool/converter.html
  2. Now, you need to “Select the size you want to convert.”
  3. You have to select Circumference (inches) from the drop-down.
  4. Next, you need to add the value that you have measured.
  5. Now click on the Convert button
  6. You will immediately get the result on the next page.

Remember to choose Circumference (cm) from the drop-down when you measure in centimeters and Circumference (mm) in case of millimeters.

Ring Size Conversion by Country

One of the best things about using a ring size converter is that using this tool will not only be able to get the right measurement, but you can also convert the measurement according to the country. Suppose you have the finger ring measurement according to US standards, but you require Swiss or European standards, you can easily perform it with this tool.

Steps to Use to convert from one country size to another

  1. Visit https://ringsizeronline.com/tool/converter.html
  2. Choose the Country Size. Suppose you know the US ring size, then you need to choose the options US/ Canada Size.
  3. Next, write down the ring size you know.
  4. Click on the Convert button.
  5. You will receive all the conversions according to the nation’s standards.

The same procedure is applicable to convert ring size from one to any nation.

Charts used for  Convert Inch / MM / CM to Ring Size

Our converter is based on the most accurate ring size charts that are officially verified. There’s a separate chart for each – cm to ring  size conversion, mm to ring size conversion, and inches to ring size conversion. Take a look at them below.

CM to ring size converter

Making use of the cm-to-ring size converter for converting circumference would help you to find out the size. Suppose the length is 5.6 cm. You need to find the next closest circumference. You will find 7 Âľ US size using the converter,

Inches to ring size converter

You can also use the inches-to-ring size converter. You need to measure the diameter or circumference by following the methods mentioned above. Suppose you have a circumference of 2.9 inches. Therefore, the correct US ring size would be 6 ½.

MM to ring size converter

You can use the mm-to-ring size converter to find out an appropriate size. Suppose you have found 42.9 MM of ring circumference. In such a case, you need to choose the nearest equivalent, like 42.76mm. Therefore, it means that your ring size is 2 ½.

Things to Remember while Converting Ring Size

Not all manufacturers will use the same convention.

So, if you already know where you would like to buy the jewellery from, you have to make sure that you visit their website and take a look at their conversion standards. You can also seek help from a shop assistant to find a ring-size converter. This will help you to get the standard chosen by the manufacturer. Following the standard convention used by the manufacturer would help you to make the right choice.

You must check the size several times:

It is important to understand that our body is likely to change from morning to evening according to the physical activities, humidity and temperature. Therefore, you must choose to take the measurement several times a day to avoid the risk of resizing. This is especially crucial if you are looking for an accurate wedding ring. Measuring several times a day would help you to understand the changes and take measurements accordingly.

Every finger has a different size:

So, you have to make sure that you determine on the finger that you would like to wear the ring on. As all the fingers are not symmetrical, you must measure the finger where you would like to wear the ring and get an exact size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my ring size?

You can determine your ring size using a ring size converter. However, before that, you need to appropriately find out the length, which is actually the circumference of your finger.

For this, you can simply use a string and a ruler to measure the circumference and take the length. The length of received is the circumference which you need to measure using a ruler. You can measure it in inches, centimetres or millimetres, but you have to make sure that you choose the converter to get the correct size. Suppose you are measuring in inches, then you need to choose the inches-to-ring size converter to find the appropriate size.

What is the ring size of 5 cm?

If the measurement you have received is 5 cm, you have to use a ring-size converter. However, make sure that you properly check the converter in order to find the appropriate ring size according to your country.

Final Words

If you already have a previous ring, using it as guidance can be helpful to find out the appropriate size. However, if you don’t, you can use all the mentioned techniques to determine the correct size. Using a ring size converter provided by the jeweller from where you would like to buy the ring is always appropriate and accurate. So measuring accordingly would help you to choose correctly.


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