Ring Size Chart | Most Accurate Ring Size Chart for All Countries

Finding the perfect ring size using ring size charts can be tricky, as there are different systems of measurement and notation used for different countries. In this post, I have shared the most accurate ring size chart with sizes for all countries. Using this ring size chart which you will be able to find your ideal ring size and choose the best ring for your finger.

What is Ring Size Chart?

A ring size chart is a table that shows the equivalent ring sizes in different systems. Using a chart of ring sizes, find your size in one system if you know it in another. For example, if you know your US ring size is 6, you can use a chart to find your UK and European ring sizes.

The US, UK, and European systems are the most common ones that people use worldwide to measure ring sizes. These systems use different units of measurement and different symbols to represent ring sizes. 

Free Ring Size Chart (All Countries)

Here is a ring size chart that you can use to compare and convert ring sizes from the US, UK and Europe:

US UK European Diameter (mm)
3 F 44 14.1
3.5 G 45.5 14.5
4 H 46.5 14.9
4.5 I 48 15.3
5 J 49 15.7
5.5 K 50.5 16.1
6 L 51.5 16.5
6.5 M 53 16.9
7 N 54 17.3
7.5 O 55.5 17.7
8 P 56.5 18.1
8.5 Q 58 18.5
9 R 59 18.9
9.5 S 60.5 19.4
10 T 62 19.8
10.5 U 63 20.2
11 V 64 20.6
11.5 W 66 21
12 X 67 21.4

To use the ring size chart, you must know your ring size in one of the systems. Then, you can find the corresponding ring size in the other systems by following the row or column of your original size.

Ring Size Chart for Men and Women

Men’s ring sizes are usually larger than women’s but follow the same systems. The average men’s ring size in the US is between 8 and 10, while the average women’s is between 5 and 7.

Women’s ring sizes are usually smaller than men’s but follow the same systems. The average woman’s ring size in the US is between 5 and 7, while the average man’s is between 8 and 10.

Different Ring Size Charts for US / UK / Europe

As mentioned above, the US, UK and European systems are commonly used to measure ring sizes worldwide. They use different units of measurement and different symbols to represent ring sizes.

Here is a quick description:

  • The US system uses numbers from 1 to 16, with half and quarter sizes in between. For example, a US size 6 equals a UK size L or a European size 51.5.
  • The UK system uses letters from A to Z, with half sizes in between. For example, a UK size L equals a US size 6 or a European size 51.5.
  • The European system uses numbers from 38 to 76, with no half or quarter sizes. For example, a European size 51.5 is equivalent to a US size 6 or a UK size L.

Use the ring sizing chart above to determine your size, compare and convert between these three systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ring sizes and fit:

How do I use the ring size chart to find my size in different systems?

To find your ring size in different systems, use the chart and your size in one system, such as US, UK, or European. Find the matching row or column and follow it to see the other systems. For example, US 6 is UK L and European 51.5.

How do I read the ring size chart’s ring diameter?

The ring diameter is the measurement of the inside of the ring in millimetres. It is another way to express your ring size. You can find the ring diameter in the last column of the table. For example, if you look at the row that starts with 6, you can see that the ring diameter is 16.5 mm.

How do I convert between different units of measurement for ring sizes?

You can use a chart or a calculator to convert ring sizes between different units, such as millimetres, inches, or centimetres. You can also use formulas like dividing by 25.4 to go from mm to inches or multiplying by 10 to go from cm to mm.

How do I find my ring size if I don’t know it in any system?

Use a printed chart, string, paper, or fitting ring at home or visit online tools to determine your ring size. You can use online tools that use your screen, card, paper, or sizer to measure. Then, use a chart or calculator to convert your size to different systems.

How do I adjust my ring size for different factors such as temperature, swelling, or style?

Your ring size can change due to temperature, swelling, or style. Measure your finger at different times and pick an average size. Consider your ring’s width, shape, and design and how they affect the fit. Pick a size that is both comfortable and flexible.

We hope this article has helped you find your perfect ring size and fit. Remember, if you have any doubts or questions, You can always speak with a qualified jeweller or an online customer service representative for more guidance and advice. Happy shopping!

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