About Us

ring-sizer-logoHey jewellery lovers! I am David Parker, a professional jewellery artist from Las Vegas, and I made this tool – Ring Sizer Online. You may ask why make another ring sizer when there are a lot of them already available? Well, this ring sizer is different. Most tools are just inaccurate and others simply do not consider the international ring size conversion charts properly.

With RingSizerOnline.com, you can measure your ring size 100% accurately and even convert the ring size according to any country’s standards. All of this for FREE and without any signup requirement!

Apart from the ring sizer and converter tool, i made sure to curate the most precise printable ring size charts so that you can check ring size right at your home without having to step out and visit a jeweler.

Here, I also publish a lot of tips and tricks that you will help you while selecting the right ring, choosing the correct sizes, getting discount codes and much more!

So, if you love buying rings online, just bookmark this website and you’ll never have to worry about anything related to ring sizing ever!