Top 5 Ring Sizer Apps | Download to Check Ring Size on Phone

Finding the best finger ring online is possibly the easiest job due to the options available in the market. However, the difficulty arises when it comes to deciding on the size of a finger ring. It does not mean that you cannot buy a finger ring online. With the availability of the ring sizer app models, it has now become easier to decide on the correct size.

You will possibly find quite a huge number of options when you want to download ring sizer apps. However, it is important that you choose the right application that will make the entire process easier. As you need to be accurate in the measurement, with an easy app that works on both Android and iPhone, the entire process of measuring and deciding on the special ring becomes seamless.

To help you decide on the right application that has a simple measurement process, here we will add the top five best applications that you can download. With these applications, you can get the correct measurement according to your nation.

Top 5 Ring Sizer Applications

Ring Sizer Pro

Compatibility: iPhone, Android, Apple Watch

The Ring Sizer Pro is one of the top apps that you can download. It is a versatile product known for being very simple to use. It can measure accurately. This powerful tool can become a need for everyone who is willing to buy a finger ring online. The ring sizer on screen has a simple user interface that lets people check and decide immediately.

It gives you the opportunity to choose from different formats. You can select from imperial units and metric to circumference and diameter. If you are new and you aren’t sure about the way to get an accurate measurement, the visual guides are greatly beneficial while measuring.

Additionally, it supports measures for different nations with different measuring systems, like Europe, Australia, Canada, India, the USA, Great Britain and a lot more. It is available in a wide range of sizes, which ensures fulfilling everyone’s requirements.

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Ring Sizer by Jason Withers

Compatibility: iPhone, Android

The next ring sizer app to download is by Jason Withers. The application has been primarily built to help people get the correct measurements. This application has made it easier for people to get accurate measurements of their rings. It supports ring sizes of several counties, which makes it a versatile choice.

The availability of several features allows you can choose from imperial units to diameter to get the measure. The visual guides available on this ring sizer on phone make the entire process a lot easier.

The easy user interface and features that helped people acquire correct measurements make this a reliable choice for a ring sizer app. If you have an existing ring, this app allows you to simply place and determine the accurate size.

Ring Sizer

Compatibility: Apple, Android

The next app that we will talk about is also a known ring sizer app that lets you accurately get finger measurements. Ring sizer is a professional application for ring size measurement which lets you get the exact size of your ring without the need to use any techniques.

The app has a clean design where you can simply place your finger and measure your ring size. This ring sizer has a simple design that lets you need to place the finger accurately between the mentioned lines to get the measure. You will be able to get accurate details based on your need.

Additionally, if you have an existing ring, you can simply place it over the circle. Adjust to increase or reduce the size and get the measurement. It is available for free. So, if you have been planning to buy a stunning diamond for the love of your life, download the app to acquire the measure and place the order.

Ring Sizer – Ring Fing

Compatibility: Apple, Android

Ring Fing is the next best app that you can truth on. It is known to have the ability to accurately measure the size of the ring. Its availability of different ways to measure your ring finger makes it a versatile choice.

You can simply use a finger ring to measure the size by placing the ring on the phone screen. You will be able to adjust the diameter of the ring based on the requirements. This is one of the best ways of getting an accurate measurement.

However, another way is to use the ring sizer on screen. You have to place your finger appropriately on the screen as directed on the app. When you place it, you will be able to get the right measure. You will be directed to close one of your eyes to get an appropriate measurement.

Additionally, as it is an app, you can easily share the result with the person or jeweller. The availability of a proper size conversion chart and units makes it a valuable choice.


Compatibility: Apple, Android

Even though PerfectFit is placed at the bottom of the list, it is known as one of the best apps that help you to get an accurate reading. The software application has the ring sizer on the screen. It has a very simple and easy process of measure which delivers the exact size.

The technology implemented in this app ensures seamless handling of international specifications. It has a very easy process of placing your finger on the screen and adjusting the diameter with the signs to get the accurate size.

Once you have adjusted the size, the app will scan and produce an accurate result. This will be the size which you can follow while buying finger rings for the next time.
Download the ring sizer app:

While it becomes easy to find a variety of stunning ring options in the online market, the challenge is in understanding the measurement you need. So, here are the top 5 applications to download on your phone. When you download the ring sizer app, it can not only guide you in getting accurate measurements but there are several other features.

So, we hope the information will be helpful, and you can download ring sizer apps according to your needs before you place the order for a beautiful piece of ring.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Sizer Apps

Does a ring sizer app work?

Whilst you will get overwhelming choices where some might not be a feasible choice to get an accurate reading, the names mentioned above certainly works. These apps can be downloaded and give an accurate measure according to the required unit specialized for your country.

Is it possible to measure finger ring size at home?

Yes, it is. If you are about to place an order for a finger ring online, you just need to download ring sizer app. For example, you can choose to get an accurate measurement by placing your finger on the screen, adjusting the width, and the scanner will detect to get the measurement. Voila! You have got your finger ring size.

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